Post conference report-China International E-Waste 2018

The 6th China International ewaste conference will be successfully held in Shanghai on September 6th to September 7th,2018,and we also arrange a onsite visit to Shanghai Xin Jin Qiao Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd, This conference will mainly focused on great chances of circular economy in China, the current status and suggestions of refurbishment and reuse of electrical and electronics products and components at home and abroad, progress in standardization of recycling and utilization of electronic products at home and abroad, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation centre for WEEE Recycling, Shanghai Xinjin Qiao Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd, Taisen Xuanhuan,and also 3 chairs Jie Yu, director from China Quality Certification Centre, Rocky Wei, Senior project manager nonferrous & mining, application technology Asia pacific, the Linde group, as well as Ashley fernandes, operation director from

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Jie Yu (Chair Day 1 Morning)

         Jie Yu, Director from China Quality Certification Centre  


Rocky Wei from the Linde Group(Chair day 2)

      The two days speakers also include Basel convention APAC, 1CC Consulting, Shanghai Jiaotong University, UPDN in China. China Quality Certification Center,Environmental Certification center of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Shanghai Solid Waste Managenent Center, URT Recycling, Linde Group, Green Peace, Shanghai Selot Environment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd,Shanghai Xinjinqiao Environmental Protection,(Beijing CATARC Data & Technology Center)

China Automotive Technology & Research Center


      Keynote speech from Basel Convention APAC

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