Post conference report for China International Battery Recycling 2018

China International Battery recycling conference will successfully held in Shanghai China on September 6th to September 7th, 2018, co-located event is the 6th China International E-Waste conference 2018, and we also arranged a onsite visit to Shanghai Xin Jinqiao Environmental Protection co.,Ltd, thanks for the support from China Resource Recycling Association,Electronics & Electrical recycle and reuse brunch, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Centre for WEEE Recycling, Shanghai Xin Jinqiao Environmental Protection co.,Ltd, and also got the support from Zhejiang Huayou Recycling technology co.,Ltd, TES-AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd, The day 1 chair is Mr. Hans Eric Melin, Managing Director from Circular Energy Storage, he is the leading expert in end of life Li-on batteries industry,and also worked at battery solutions as vice president as well as the CEO in Refind technologies for WEEE & waste battery recycling market development, The day 2 conference chair is Mr. Xiaoyong Zhao, General Manager from Beijing Saidemei Resources Recycling Research Institute Company Ltd and Jayden Wu, CEO from Tai Sen Xunhuan, Two day conferences gathered the leading expert in waste battery industry from China, America, Canada, Germany, UK , Singapore and Malaysia, the topic including the international current situation of waste battery management regulations of the recovery process and the next steps focus, development of the management system for the recovery and utilization of the power accumulations in China and the research process of EPR, global lithium-ion battery recycling market-volumes, trends and opportunities, laws and regulations of lithium batteries transport & storage safety issues, introduction to the technical specifications for the emission permit of waste battery disassembly industry, and leading technologies in waste battery treatment and cascade utilization, panel discussion session invited different speakers from different countries to talk about the challenges and opportunities of waste battery management, leading battery recycling companies from China like Zhejiang Huayou, Hunan Brunp, Beijng Saidemei, Taisen Xunhua, from Europe like Umicore, from USA and Canada like Retriev Technologies also joined us.

Below are the wonderful moment for your reference.

Hans Eric Melin,Circular Energy Storage , Day 1 Chair

TES-AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd,Silver Sponsor

Mr. Weiqiao, Gao, Deputy GM from Zhejiang Huayou Recycling Technologies co.,Ltd

Ms Zhang Ting, Technical Manager from China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Roeland Bracke, Policy Officer,OVAM

Stefanie Schoenhofen, Volkswagen AG

Xiaoyong Zhao,GM, Beijing Saidemei Resources Recycling Research Institute Company Ltd

Yuebin Min, General Manager, Renewable resource of technology co.,Ltd

Jayden Wu,CEO,Taisen Xunhuan

Wushuang Yi, General Engineer of Battery technical, Hunan Brunp Recycling Technologies co.,Ltd

Q&A Session

Coffee Break and Networking

Round Table Panel Discussion

Dinner communication from international clients

Dinner Communication

Onsite visit to Shanghai Xin Jinqiao Environmental Protection co.Ltd

Conference Website

The 6th China International  E-Waste conference 2018 

China International Battery Recycling 2018      

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